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Sandlot 4-In-1 Home Batting Cage
Item Number: TSBH199PRO
Price: $ 229.99

Sandlot 18' Batting Cage, Lite-Ball Pitching Machine, & Auto Ball Feeder

Introducing the Sandlot 4-In-1 Home Hitting System. 

Never before has there been a home hitting system so affordable that includes an 18' Batting Cage, Lite-Baseball Pitching Machine, Automatic 12 Ball Feeder, and 1 Lite Baseball.

Perfect for players 4-12 years old, this hitting system is revolutionary.

The 18' x 11' x 8' Home Batting Cage is perfect for any size backyard. Simply stake the poles in the ground, align the ropes, hang the net, and it's ready to go!

Then, assemble the Lite-Baseball Pitching Machine by attaching the housing to the tripod, connect the Automatic Ballfeeder, then load the 1 Dozen Lite Baseballs (Not Included) and hit for hours!

With a simple On/Off Switch, the Sandlot Poly Baseball Pitching Machine is the easiest pitching machine to use. Plus, by moving the machine closer or further from the batter, you can simulate speeds from 15-50 MPH! The Automatic Ballfeeder will deliver 1 ball every 8 seconds so the batter can perfect their timing and prepare for strike after strike.

As an added bonus, simply disconnect the pitching machine from the batting cage and take fielding practice by adjusting the head of the machine up or down for grounders or fly balls.

Don't wait, order your innovative home hitting system today!

Sandlot Pitching Machine
• Pitches Sandlot 40MPH Lite Balls & Perforated Poly Balls
• Pitches Up To 40 MPH at 18'
• Simple On/Off Switch Operation
• Adjustable Pitch Height 
• Tubular Steel Legs with Rubber Tips 
• Uses Standard A/C Power 

Sandlot 18' Batting Cage Features 
• Flexible 3/8 Inch Fiberglass Frame 
• 1 3/4” Poly Netting 
• Fiberglass Rods Stake Directly into Ground + Nylon Support Ropes 
• Built-in Pitching Machine Harness Attachment
• Sets Up & Takes Down Quickly 

Key Specs: 
• Model #: TSBH199PRO 
• A/C Power 
• 18 ft. Long, 11 ft. Wide, 8 ft. High 
• Recommended Ages: 4-12 Years Old
• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - One Year Warranty 

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