Heater Sports DC1499 - Deuce 95 & Xtender 48

Deuce 95 & Xtender 48

Two Wheel Fast Ball & Breaking Ball Pitching Machine with Auto Ball Feeder & 48’ x 12’ x 10’ Home Batting Cage Combination from Heater Sports™

$ 1499.99

Model #: DC1499
> Pitches Real Balls Up To 95 MPH
> Pitches Lite Balls Up To 105 MPH
> Dual Wheel Machine With Independent Speed Controls
> Adjustable Pitch Height For Grounders & Fly Balls
> Pitches Fastballs, Left or Right Handed Curveballs, Sliders
> 48' Long x 12' Wide x 10' High Real Ball Batting Cage
> 1 1/4" Strong and Long Lasting Polyester Net
> Fiberglass Arch Assembly For Quick Assembly & Take Down

Take your game to a whole new level with the Deuce 95 2-Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine. With Heater Sports innovative Pivot-Head design you’ll be hitting outside breaking balls, inside breaking balls, and fastballs like a pro. And with the bonus auto-ball feeder, you can take a pitch every 10 seconds. The Deuce 95 plugs directly into any standard wall outlet or use it with 3rd party battery packs at home or the ballfield. Dual speed controls allow you to adjust each wheel independently for a variety of pitches at 95 MPH for real baseballs and 110 MPH for lite-baseballs.

Xtender 48 Home Batting Cage measures 48’ X 12’ x 10’ and makes it possible to hit live pitches at home. The Deuce 95 and Xtender 48 connect together with the built-in connection harness. This allows baseballs into the cage, but they won’t fly out.

This revolutionary connection harness allows you to hit real baseballs at home without fear of damage to anyone or anything.

Money Back Guarantee
We are so sure you’ll see results with Deuce that you’ll also receive a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 1-Year Parts And Labor Warranty so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to win.

Here’s What You Get
• Deuce 95 – Two Wheel Fast Ball & Breaking Ball Pitching Machine
• 1 Polyurethane Pitching Machine Baseball for perfect baseball accuracy
• 12 Ball Auto-Ball Feeder delivers 1 ball every 10 seconds
• Dual Variable speed control & dual bearing electric motors pitches baseballs up to 95 MPH/110 MPH.
• Two 8” Wheels cushion the balls and pitches consistent strikes every time
• Rugged composite pitching machine housing to protect you from spinning wheels
• Adjustable pitch height knob to get the pitch height you want.
• Heavy-duty tubular steel tripod stand with pushpin legs for quick assembly
• Built-in machine harness attaches to Heater Sports home batting cages
• Xtender 48’ x 12’ x 10’ Home Batting Cage

Key Specs:
• Model #: DC1499
• Curveball Pitching Machine
• A/C Power
• 48’ x 12’ x 10’ Home Batting Cage
• Recommended Ages: 16 years to Adult
• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - One Year Warranty

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