Heater Sports HC129 - Perfect Pitch 45 Mechanical Combo Machine

Perfect Pitch 45 Mechanical Combo Machine

The Light-Weight 45 MPH Mechanical Combo Machine That Throws Grounder, Strikes, and Fly Balls.

$ 129.99

Model #: HC129
> Pitches 9" Baseballs, 11" Softballs, and 12" Softballs
> Variable Speeds From 10-45 MPH & Lite Balls Up To 80 MPH
> All Metal, Light-Weight Frame at Only 13 Lbs.
> No Electricity Required, Spring Tension For Variable Speed
> Pitches Fastballs & Slow Pitch 15' Arc For Softball
> Use Indoors & Outdoors
> Foldable Frame For Easy Storage in Car for Transporting
> For Ages 4-100 Years

Looking for a baseball and softball pitching machine that requires no electricity and can easily be transported? Look no further!

Introducing the Heater Sports Perfect Pitch 45 MPH Mechanical Baseball and Softball Pitching Machine. Whether you need to pitch 9" baseballs, 11" softballs, or 12" softballs, the Perfect Pitch will throw ground balls, strikes, and fly balls accurately and easily.

Weighing only 12 lbs. the Perfect Pitch is the lightest 45 MPH mechanical machine on the market. Plus, with Perfect Pitch's heavy-duty small structure, transporting is a breeze. Easily fits in your car or truck so you can quickly move from the backyard to the ballpark.

Here's how it works:
1) Set your desired speed from 15-45 MPH by attaching the heavy duty spring to the foot pedal.
2) Set your pitch height on the throwing arm - ground balls, strikes, or fly balls.
3) Load a baseball or softball on the throwing arm.
4) Step on the foot pedal with your foot to apply spring tension.
5) Pull back on the release handle and throw a perfect pitch every time!

Other mechanical machines are heavy, bulky, expensive, and difficult to understand all the components. With the Perfect Pitch, you'll get an affordable, accurate, light-weight, portable pitching machine that is simple to operate and perfect for both baseball and softball players.

The Perfect Pitch is great for coach pitch, slow pitch, fast pitch, and league games.

Quickly adjust the pitch settings with the easy to use Height Adjustment Tab located on the Throwing Arm. Use the Strike Zone Adjustment Knob for fine tuning your strike zone so any player can get that perfect pitch.

Included are steel ground stakes which attach to the front legs for added accuracy and stability in grass, dirt, or any soft surface. If using the Perfect Pitch on cement, hard dirt, or on a gym floor, simply attach two sand bags (not provided) to help provide even greater accuracy for pitching.

Product Features:
No Batteries or Electricity Required
Heavy Duty Spring Powered
Includes a Simple Strike Zone Adjustment Knob For Fine Tuning the Strike Zone
Easy Height & Speed Adjustment
Lightweight (12 lbs.) and Portable
Throws 9" Baseballs, 11" Softballs, and 12" Softballs (Also great for lacrosse, tennis, etc.)
Pitches Lite-Balls up to 55 MPH and Real Baseballs 45 MPH
Pitches Lite-Softballs up to 50 MPH and Real Softballs 45 MPH
Won't Tear or Harm Balls
For Players of All Ages
Model# HC129

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